About us

Customer-centric wealth management advice – for UK locals and expats

A core part of the PX Group, PX Wealth was initially established in 2002 by two experienced pension and investment actuaries who set in place a strong wealth management ethos.

With close ties to PX Pension Exchange (our UK pension transfer advisory brand), our team provides holistic and strategic wealth management solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

By our clients’ sides for almost 20 years

We’ve been designing local and cross-border wealth management strategies to help our clients achieve their financial goals for almost 20 years.

We guide you through your available options to grow your wealth – and help you build and manage a portfolio that’s suited to your personal tax and residency status.

Ultimately, our aim is to cement you in a position of financial strength and independence over the long-term.

A strategic, considered approach

Many people come to us with a financial goal in mind.

They may want to grow their asset base. They may wish to undertake intergenerational planning. Or they may be looking to protect their existing wealth.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, we provide the strategic direction you need – using the full range of pension, investment and protection options available. We then implement the most appropriate structure for you and guide you every step of the way.

Independent and customer centric

Our focus is firmly on you, our client. We are not affiliated with any third parties, products or providers. Nor do we accept commissions. Instead, we tailor our strategic input for every individual by:

  • Leveraging our years of experience and knowhow to develop the best wealth creation strategy for you
  • Designing solutions that fully consider your personal and financial circumstances (this includes your residency status, multi-currency alternatives and international regulations if you live overseas)
  • Scouring the market and selecting the most optimal product-based solutions for you
  • Utilising the best market-leading research tools available
  • Ensuring all advice is reviewed by our internal investment specialist (a former adviser in a top-ranked national analytics team)
  • Reviewing your strategy regularly to make sure it continues to be in your best interests

We look forward to working with you.

For tailored wealth management solutions you can rely on

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