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Manage your cost as well as your wealth

PX Wealth’s main focus is on you as the client and helping you reach your financial goals.

By keeping overall fees low, combined with the impact of compound growth, you are well placed to reach your financial goals sooner. So, how does this work?

We take a number of important steps to keep your overall fees low.

As an example, we have ongoing wealth offerings available to some customers (dependant on fund size) which are priced at a total cost as low as 0.5% -1% p.a.

This is a very competitively priced offering and we challenge you to compare this to any other offering you may be considering as we believe you will find this hard to match.

The way we achieve this low pricing is through a combination of the following:

  • No lock ins or exit fees. Some wealth managers tie you in to certain products for many years with high surrender or exit charges to lock in their fees. We do not deal with products that have surrender fees or tie ins and where possible we only select products with no entry or exit charges.
  • No ties to particular products. Some wealth managers are limited in the product choice they can offer you as they are affiliated with a particular investment, insurance or pension provider. We do not tie ourselves to any particular product provider allowing us the ability to undertake full market research to determine the most appropriate products bearing your wealth management strategy in mind. Where multiple products are available to achieve your strategic aims, we will select the lowest priced option.
  • No costly strategies. Some wealth managers offer costly active management strategies which do not necessarily outperform the market. Whilst we have the ability to offer low cost active strategies, we can also provide solutions which include the use of passive investment funds again on the basis of keeping costs low.
  • No hidden costs and charges. Some wealth managers benefit through hidden costs and charges. We have no hidden costs and charges. Our client engagement letters are fully transparent in outlining our fees and this is fully disclosed at the outset and needs to be agreed by you prior to any work being undertaken for you.
  • Tax efficiencies to more than offset costs. In many situations, our local and international expertise allows us to generate tax efficiencies for you which significantly outweigh the costs payable.

Our own fees and charges are very competitive in their own right

When combined with the points as above, it is very possible you could end up with a much lower cost offering compared to other wealth managers.

This means that any growth on your assets is compounded by this fee differential helping you to reach your financial goals sooner.

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